VARIOBEND 4.0 software solutions

Markets are subject to permanent change. In sheet metal forming, this also leads to an ever higher complexity of products and processes. Effective, highly flexible, but also user-friendly solutions are needed. The software solutions of ASCO will help you to get a grip on precisely these challenges, reducing expenses in the process as well. Networked production reduces the risks of error and increases profitability.

VARIOBEND V-TOUCH | Machine control

As fast as never before – from sketch to bending programme

VARIOBEND V-TOUCH is the only software, which combines efficiency and user-friendliness in an unprecedented relationship. The series VARIOBEND TOUCH control stands our for its user-friendliness and a clear structure. Any number of profiles and folders can be set up in profile management. They can be moved, copied or exported by a simple touch. Functions, such as conical bending or slotting of profiles as well as bending simulation, are a standard. The modern 21.5” flat screen in HD resolution permit ideal input and display.

V-TOUCH at a glance:

  • Modern dashboard for easy navigation
  • Clearly arranged profile management
  • New profiles can be drawn and dimensioned with a finger in a user-friendly way.
  • Presentation in 2D and 3D
  • Automatic cutting pattern calculation including K factor (proof sheet for leg length by bend deformation)
  • Automatic bend sequence calculation to reduce material handling
  • In simulation, the complete bending process can be checked for the absence of collision
  • Graphic display of the colour or visible side
  • Animated bending sequence in 2D to check for collisions
  • Prospective bending time calculation *
  • Material database for automated angle correction depending on material and thickness
  • Cutting programme including conical cut function
  • Import and export function
  • Interface to several Software solutions (SEMA, BENDEX, NuIT) and merchandise management systems
  • Saving of more than 10,000 profiles is possible

* only for twin bending machines with gripper system


Increase your output

Many order and small lots – this means for you that you machine operators or programmers have to programme faster – error-free! With VARIOBEND Pro 4.0 you have sufficient time for an efficient work preparation. VARIOBEND Pro 4.0 software displays all process steps for an efficient planning process. With VARIOBEND Pro 4.0 you do not programme your long-length bending machine or your twin bending machine at the machine, but in one or several workplaces, parallel to production. This process reduces auxiliary process times distinctly and thus increase the machine availability dramatically. No time-consuming training of the machine. Thus, your VARIOBEND works productively without breakes.


  • Modern dashboard for easy navigation
  • Clearly arranged profile management
  • Import function (CAD file, V-MOBILE, other interfaces SEMA, NuIT etcetera)
  • User-friendly drawing and dimensioning of the profile
  • Input of material characteristics (material, thickness, length and number of units)
  • 3D animated thumbnails of the profiles
  • Automatic cutting pattern calculation including K factor (proof sheet for leg length by bend deformation)
  • Automatic bending sequence calculation calculated the ideal bending sequence
  • Animated bending procedure to check for collisions
  • Calculation tool (estimated bending time*, cut calculation)
  • Paperless transmission directly to the machine
  • Control of two machines by one computer only
  • Preparation of production orders by QR code via PDF

* only for twin bending machines with gripper system

Save time and increase your overall productivity

Once the order has been set up, the data are transferred to the machine paperless. In addition, the production order can be exported as PDF, and can be provided with a unique QR code. This PDF is handed over to the machine operator. The machine operator scans the profile to be produced. By means of the QR scanner the profile prepared in the office previously is called up with all characteristics, and can then be produced immediately. Avoid unproductive times – use the intelligent and highly efficient VARIOBEND Pro 4.0.

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